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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Adventures in Napping

Girl one decided that napping would be a good thing today. It only took her a half an hour after she threw her glow worm out of her crib to settle down. Even though we subscribe to the cry-it-out method, I really had to resist the urge to go in and comfort her. I didn’t […]

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addicted to iPhone apps

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to the iPhone and all the apps that go along with it. I love browsing the app store looking for that hidden gem of an app that I think I’ll use but probably never will. It will just sit on one of my nine home screens and make it harder […]

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Cry It Out

Currently we are trying to transition the trips from two naps a day to one. I’ve been trying the 15 minute method. Every couple of days I push their first nap 15 minutes later. I’m currently at the 45 minute stage. Which means going for our first nap at 9:45 instead of 9:00. We’re hoping […]

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I should start with some background. I am a 30-something stay-at-home-dad caring for triplets, two girls and one boy. The Wife works full time, and I dabble in photography on the weekends for some extra spending cash. The kids were born at 32 weeks (that’s two months premature for those who may not know) and […]

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