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Adventures in Napping

Girl one decided that napping would be a good thing today. It only took her a half an hour after she threw her glow worm out of her crib to settle down. Even though we subscribe to the cry-it-out method, I really had to resist the urge to go in and comfort her. I didn’t hear anything from the other two, so I didn’t dare open the door. As soon as that door opens, nine times out of ten, everyone wakes up. I don’t know how they can sleep through each other’s screaming and crying, but can hear the creak of the door opening a measly inch.

We’ve reached a milestone (if you can call it that) recently, girl two is sitting on the couch more often than running back and forth on it! This is great news for the wife and I because there is much less chance of injury this way. I just hope the other two catch on and follow suit. It’s just so darn cute when she’s sitting there by herself with a book reading to herself in that made up language that they have. I’ll have to try to film that soon. Of course, they never seem to do what you want them to when the video camera comes out!!