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Cry It Out

Currently we are trying to transition the trips from two naps a day to one. I’ve been trying the 15 minute method. Every couple of days I push their first nap 15 minutes later. I’m currently at the 45 minute stage. Which means going for our first nap at 9:45 instead of 9:00. We’re hoping that we can push this first nap to noon or one o’clock and make it a three hour nap instead of a two hour nap.

The first two steps went okay. I think I may have jumped the gun on this one. Girl 1 is currently (as I type) crying in her crib a full hour after I put them down for the nap. Very early on in this adventure The Wife and I subscribed to the Cry-It-Out method of napping. This is where you let the child cry until they fall asleep, usually no longer than a half an hour. Our reasoning for this is that all three children sleep in the same room. If we go into the room to comfort one, the others think that we are there to play with them and get excited. Then when we leave the room, we have three crying babies instead of one. Not good. Luckily for us, the babies seem to be able to sleep through each others crying fits.