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Bleh! Bleh!! BLEH!!!

The boy this morning was trying desperately to convey a very important concept to me by repeating “bleh” over and over with increasing intensity. I could tell that he was getting very frustrated that I did not understand. His sisters were just standing by watching the exchange between father and son escalate. Finally I picked him up and we walked around the room while I asked “is this what you want” pointing to the light switch (which is very popular at this stage), “no” was the reply I got. The book on the couch? The other books on the couch? The blanket? Is your diaper dirty? All “no.” what could it be? “Blek!” he says. Ohhhhh! Blocks! I was rewarded with a big smile and open arms as I handed him the bag of big blocks.

What a wonderfully frustrating age, for both of us. I can’t wait to hear that next word that is just waiting to emerge from their little mouths!

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