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Free time?

Is any time really ever free time when you have triplets? The answer: no. We were lucky enough this weekend to have my in-laws watch the trips. Instead of relaxing and doing things that I enjoy, I got to move a refrigerator, change two light fixtures and a door knob, fix a dropped ceiling and patch a wall. Oh, and run a water line for the icemaker that’s in our new refrigerator that should be here on Thursday.

All of these things needed done (some for several years). It just made me realize how difficult life with the trips can be. On any given day, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have the time to do any of the things I accomplished this weekend with the trips running circles around my feet.

And so I am also reminded of how lucky I am to have family who are brave (crazy) enough to watch the trips for entire weekends. Thank you Mom and Dad!

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DaddyManMarch 8, 2009 - 9:05 pm

I hear ya’z, even with twins. People imagine that when I say I’m an at home dad, I go do all the “need to be done” errands like groceries.

Sort of hard to push a cart and a stroller at the same time.

About the only place I can shop is Costco because their carts will hold both the girls, and the dude can walk with us (or ride on the cart…I never go too! :P).