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Like Living in a Foreign Country

Living with 18 month old triplets is a bit like living in a foreign country. I can understand little bits of what they are trying to tell me, and I understand a little more each day, but I never fully get the whole conversation. At times it’s even comical. Three toddlers pointing and yelling “tat,” otherwise known as “that.” It can be a very cute thing to witness, until the crying starts because I don’t know what they are pointing at. Then the chaos begins. I start pulling toys off of the shelf at random, each time asking “is this what you want?” And of course each time the answer is an emphatic “No!” We get to the last of the toys on the shelf and they turn and start pointing at another area of the room. You see, they really didn’t want anything on the shelf. They just like to see me scramble and suffer a bit. We know who’s in charge in this house, and they’re all under three feet tall!

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