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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Quick Shout Out

I heard through the grapevine that one of my readers is going to become a dad of twins today. I just wanted to say congratulations and good luck. Feel free to leave comments here or email me directly if you have any questions (that goes for the rest of you, too). I’m no expert, but […]

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Enjoying the Sunshine!

After a long winter we were finally able to get outside and play and soak in some sunshine this weekend. The kids had a great time playing on their little slide, drawing on the driveway with chalk, eating sticks and mud, and just getting dirty. All things that kids should do! Here are some pics […]

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Cute Kids

The kids were being especially cute this morning. When I brought them downstairs they were pointing at the TV and making their “I want that” sound. So I obliged and turned on some baby einstein for them. They immediately sat down on their little couches and watched quietly while I made breakfast.

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In The Beginning

I’d like to go back and start posting about how it was for us in the beginning.  These are stories that I would love to have for the kids to read once they are older.  I think you’ll also enjoy them.   Let’s start at the very beginning.  The wife and I were in the […]

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Mobile Video Entertainment System

Last week we had the “video entertainment system” installed in our mini-van.  When we bought the van a couple of months after the kids were born, I didn’t think we’d need it.  And, I guess technically we don’t need it now.  But after just one weekend of travel and one trip to the grocery store […]

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