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Mobile Video Entertainment System

Last week we had the “video entertainment system” installed in our mini-van.  When we bought the van a couple of months after the kids were born, I didn’t think we’d need it.  And, I guess technically we don’t need it now.  But after just one weekend of travel and one trip to the grocery store with the kids, I’m glad we got it (the kids really liked watching the movie while I was loading groceries into the back of the van).

The system we got comes with two ceiling mounted screens, an in dash player that controls the system, two wireless headphone sets, and a remote control.  Oooh, it also has aux input jacks for stuff like video games.  Of course, at 18 months, it will be a while before the kids can use the system to its fullest potential, but it’s nice to know those things are there when the time comes.
As far as I can tell – I haven’t had much time to play with it yet – the screens can operate independently of each other.  One can be playing a DVD while the other plays a video game or listens to the radio.  It’s a pretty cool setup.  Makes me wish I wasn’t the one driving everywhere!  I’d love to be sitting in the back with my playstation saving the world from zombies or something while we drive the hour to Grandma’s house!!  Maybe I can convince the wife to drive….
The Texas TrioApril 17, 2009 - 7:47 pm

We have loved our DVD system in our minivan also. There are still some challenges….
1. Don’t ever think for a minute that just because it is on that they are not listening to what you say:)
2. One of our three stayed up till 11pm on one trip watching the movie. He screamed like a banshee when we turned it off.
3. If you are like me you start to memorize the audio from the movies.
4. It is too easy to use it instead of interacting with them all the time.

All that said I do not see how our parents did it:)

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