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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Using Their Names Online

Okay, so a week ago I posted a poll here asking whether or not you use your kids names online. A whopping eight of you voted, and the results ended up tied at four and four. I posted the poll because I’m torn. I want to keep my family safe for as long as I […]

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We have a potty

Over the past week, we’ve been noticing strange occurrences. The first I noticed was when K grabbed my hand and took me over to the changing table and pointed at it. He needed changed and wanted it done right then. I told him he had done a good thing by telling me and changed him. […]

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Bubble Wrap!

A few weeks ago we got a rather large package in the mail that came wrapped in bubble wrap. I decided, under close supervision, that it would be fun to let the trips stomp on the bubbles and try to pop them. I was right!

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First Family Photo Shoot

Up until today, we had not done an official “family” photo shoot.  We’ve had pictures of the trips done, but nothing with all five of us in one picture.  So this afternoon we took the trips to Squire’s Castle, a popular local picnic spot.  My good friend and photography mentor Tom Forrest of Tom Forrest […]

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