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First Family Photo Shoot

Up until today, we had not done an official “family” photo shoot.  We’ve had pictures of the trips done, but nothing with all five of us in one picture.  So this afternoon we took the trips to Squire’s Castle, a popular local picnic spot.  My good friend and photography mentor Tom Forrest of Tom Forrest Photography agreed to be our personal photographer for the session.
While the conditions were not exactly great for photography (too much harsh sunlight), the weather did cooperate enough to make it comfortable (okay, maybe a bit chilly) for us to be out in short sleeves.  Of course, after we ran after the kids for about a half an hour, it felt downright toasty out!  
All in all, it was a great afternoon with the kids.  They got to run around and explore a bit.  K really enjoyed kicking the dandelions as he ran throught the field.  The girls just seemed to want to run through the grass.  And although they did faceplant quite a bit, especially J, no one really cried or got too cranky.  I think we got some great shots today and I’m really looking forward to seeing them.  As soon as I get my hands on them I’ll post a few up here.