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In The Beginning: Part 2

We started the day like any other. I had taken the day off of work because we had an appointment with the specialist. G was probably doing some work from the laptop (she was allowed to work from home given her condition – we were very appreciative). We had lunch, and made our way to the doctor’s office. It was unusually crowded that day and we ended up waiting longer than usual. The ultrasound went fine. K had his feet above his head and was looking pretty cramped. One of the girls (we think it was E) was very active and kept kicking K in the back. We laughed a bit and felt sorry for the little guy.

We left the office feeling pretty good. The doc said we should have at least another week if not more til she delivers. Great news considering she was almost at 32 weeks already. We went home, had dinner and turned on the Indians game. I was relaxing (probably with a beer) watching the game when G mentioned that something felt different and went into the bathroom. I’ll spare you the details and suffice to say that a couple of calls to the doctor and about an hour later, we were on our way to the hospital.

Since we were going in “after hours” I had to park on the other side of the hospital from labor and delivery. We made it to L&D and they hooked her up to the monitors and a short time later it was decided that she was going to have a c-section, that night! Of course I left her bag in the car, on the other side of the hospital. As I run down to the car, I come upon several workers who are tearing up the carpet in the hallway. I make it through the adhesive apologising all the way and explaining that my wife is having triplets. They let me go. I get to the car and realize that I left the keys in the room. So I run back. Apologise again to the workers, get my keys, and run back through the adhesive again. By the time I get to the car I’m really aware of the fact that I have asthma and am very glad I brought my inhaler (which I left in the car with G’s bag)!!

Since the guys putting the carpet down are working near the door for labor and delivery, I bring the car to that lot and knock on the windows for one of them to let me in so that I don’t have to run through the adhesive again. I’m sure it annoyed them, though they understood.

By the time I get back upstairs, they’ve taken her in for the epidural, which I couldn’t be there for anyways, so it was okay. They threw some scrubs at me, I threw them on and was led away to an operating room where they were already making the incision. Oh, and there were about 25 – 30 other people in the room. It was a little crowded. I sat next to my wife and watched as the doc pulled out baby after baby after baby and handed them off to each team. It was pretty surreal to say the least. In a matter of three minutes we went from being pregnant to having three kids.

Somewhere in there (I can’t remember exactly when) I called our parents. G’s mom made the hour drive up, as did my parents. Being that it was 11:30 at night, they weren’t really supposed to be there, but the staff made an exception. After G was moved to recovery I went out to greet the family. My Dad did not recognize me until I started talking to him, I was still wearing the scrubs and he thought I was a doctor. After a while, I convinced my family to go to my house and get some sleep, since they wouldn’t be able to see G or the kids until morning. I’m not sure what my mother-in-law did, she probably stayed at the hospital.

On the way to G’s room, they let us stop by the Special care nursery to see the kids. It was here that we decided that “Baby A” was J and “Baby B” was E. And we also got to see K. The girls were on ventilators when we went in. K was breathing fine on his own so they were just watching him closely. We were then taken to G’s room, which was rather comfortable. She got her meds and fell asleep. I curled up on the little chair/bed thingie and tried to sleep. I may have gotten an hour or two. Maybe.