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Using Their Names Online

Okay, so a week ago I posted a poll here asking whether or not you use your kids names online. A whopping eight of you voted, and the results ended up tied at four and four. I posted the poll because I’m torn. I want to keep my family safe for as long as I can. In this day of identity theft and pedophiles and general crazies I feel that you just can’t be too careful. I’ve taken the steps necessary to avoid handing out our address and our family’s last name (I hope) to everyone in cyberspace. And so far I have only used the kids names in online forums that I can control who sees the post and who doesn’t. Even then, their names have only popped up a handful of times. I avoid posting videos in which we say their names. If I do post one, I edit the audio to mute that portion of the clip.

So I guess my question to you is this: Am I being overprotective? Am I crazy? Should I just go ahead and start using their names? I’m having a hard time with this as you can probably tell.

I know there are lots of you out there who use your kids names freely on your web sites and your blogs. Have you ever felt the way I do about this? How did you overcome the fears? I want more than 8 comments on this. Give me some good advice please!

RachaelMay 29, 2009 - 6:16 pm

i feel that way all the time. if you want to send me an email i will happily debate the topic with you 🙂

RyanMay 30, 2009 - 8:58 am

As you very well know… we post our kids names on our blog… I understand there are risks. I am running my blog for friends family (I am sure other people read it) and to keep a detailed digital baby book for my girls… I don’t have time to do a real one three times so this was the next best option. As you know the triplets need to know they have an individual identity and if I were to speak about my girls in a broad manner without name I feel I would be classing them together as a group. I want them to look back on the blog and read about what they each did individually each day. Its a personal preference and as you have already seen people have their own opinions. Here is one last note… don’t freak out but if someone wanted to figure out anyones name on the web they could do it with ease all they need is for you to access a site and they can track it. Freaky yes but hey you can’t shield your family from everything freaks of nature are out there… we as parents just need to do our best and decide what we feel is the best option for our individual needs as a family. Until next time… BYE

Fulton QuadsMay 31, 2009 - 4:35 am

I Finally made it to your blog to leave my post! Trying to do it through the phone was SO difficult! LOL! OK, I TOTALLY get what you mean about safety & security. You always take a risk. HOWEVER our kids blog is for them. The people that happen upon it & love reading the funnies our kids do are cool but I really do it for my kids. I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing about their various moments hoping to catch it in it’s sincerity. My hope is that when they are older they can go back to this online blog as their sort of baby book & read about themselves. I could never keep up 4 baby books at the same time!! I also think it would be weird for me to refer to them as their in utero names. ie: Baby A, Baby B, etc… LOL! My life, Our life has always been an open book. I SO hope our story helps someone trying to become parents. SO that is why we, my family, is all “out” there. Is it a risk? I’m sure it is. BUT I think the rewards outweigh the risks. We always have our kids best interest at heart. I hope I explained myself pretty well. Stop on over at our blog! I’d love your opinion! (=
Cathy & her quads

Buncha Blue-Eyed MonkeysJune 24, 2009 - 3:39 am

Hi! I came over from the Multiples n More site. Your pics are great. Sorry to hear about K being sick…I hope he’s back to 100% quickly! Your photos are great and as for names…I’ve never posted our real names online because I’ve always kept blogging a secret from my “real” world…I really like the anonymity of it. If it was for family/friends, I’d probably use real names, or atleast the nicknames they have in real life. Do whatever you are comfortable with…maybe you can give them blog names based on their personalities…aka…the crier or something :o) Good luck!