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What Are You Driving?

A soon to be father of triplets recently asked me what I’m driving. That was a really good question. What should you be driving as a parent of triplets? When the kids were born, we had a quad cab (four door) pickup truck and a Pontiac Aztek (SUV). We thought we’d be able to get by with the Aztek since we could fit the three car seats in the back seat somewhat comfortably (there is no third row of seats in the Aztek). We quickly realized that we were wrong. The kids were born in September, and came home in October. Anyone from the midwest or northern states knows that the weather sometimes gets cold and rainy or snowy here by late October some years. Two people trying to get three car seats into the back seat of an SUV through two doors just wasn’t working. I would usually be carrying two of the kids since G had just recently carried all three and had gone through major surgery to deliver them. To get them into the car, I would have to put one down and just about turn my back on that one to put the other into the seat. If it was raining or snowing, I just felt horrible about doing this. Yes, we covered them with blankets and such, but I still worried that something was going to happen to the one I had to put on the ground.

Sometime in November I convinced G that we needed a minivan. And I knew exactly which one I wanted. For several years the Dodge Caravan has had a feature called Stow-n-Go seating, where the seats in the middle and back rows fold down into the floor. This was perfect for us. Two car seats in the back row, one in the middle row, and the other seat from the middle row folded down. Now I had a staging area. I could get everyone into the van, and then put the seats into place. No one had to stay outside in the weather. I didn’t have to put anyone down on the ground. So, we went out and bought ourselves a minivan. And I’m really glad we did, especially since we’re driving to South Carolina this summer with the trips. Can’t wait!

Chuck WMay 15, 2009 - 12:47 pm

They aren’t the most exciting things in the world but minivans are a must when you have kids IMO – especially when you have multiples. Where are you driving to in SC this summer? We live in Fort Mill, SC (near Charlotte, NC) and are going to the beach on the SC coast this summer.

Ethan DunhamMay 15, 2009 - 1:57 pm

That was the first thing we did when we found out. Bought ourselves a Sienna. You can’t do triplets without a van.

TiffanyMay 16, 2009 - 1:49 am

I completely agree! The mini-van, although not the most exciting vehicle to drive, is a must for triplets! We have the same configuration as you (2 in back, 1 in middle). Even now they can crawl into the van, close the door then get everyone in the seats… And the DVD is GREAT for long trips! We did 9 hrs without much drama