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Remember When…

I was talking with my mom, my sister, and Gretch last night, and the subject of the differences between this summer and last summer came up. Then someone reminded me of a very blogable story, so here goes:

We signed up for our city’s “parent and tot” swimming classes last summer. It was less of a class and more of a time set aside for parents to spend time with their toddlers in the city pool without hordes of other people around. It was a very enjoyable time. So enjoyable in fact, that K fell asleep on someone on two different occasions. The first time I was the one holding him and he just laid his head down on my chest and fell asleep while we were in the pool. He was so relaxed and calm, it was really cute and we all got a good, quiet, giggle out of it. Then a few weeks later he did it again, this time I think it was my sister who was holding him. Again, very cute. To top that off, we went to visit my parents later on in the summer and were in their pool, and he did it again, this time while Grandma was holding him. What can I say, the water relaxes the little guy! I’m just sorry I never got any pictures of the little guy sleeping, but I did get some video of the trips in the pool with daddy, grandma, and grandpa!!