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We recently ordered 2000 pounds of recycled tire mulch to put down around the kids’ playset. The company we ordered from was Just Perfect Mulch. We placed the order on Friday and were told that the order would go out on Monday. Since they were a local company, I assumed that meant we would get the mulch on Monday, or at least a phone call letting us know when to expect it.

Monday came and went, and I had no mulch and got no phone call. So Tuesday morning G sent them and email asking when we could expect the shipment. The response she got came in the form of an email that simply said “was picked up yesterday” with nothing else, not even a signature tag. I was not impressed, especially since the email didn’t even answer our question.

So G sent another email asking what that meant for when the shipment would arrive at our house, since we didn’t even know how it was being shipped at this point. This time the response was “Today or tomorrow it should arrive. They will call first.” Yet another stellar explanation. No indication of how it was being shipped, no signature, but at least they answered our question, sort of.

By this point, I was pretty angry. We had just spent a considerable amount of money on this mulch and I expected a little more from the company and it’s representatives. So I sent them an email (to their address) explaining how customer referrals work and that I would be tweeting and blogging about their company and the level of customer service that I get from them. Their immediate response was to offer me a refund and cancel the shipment. This really got to me. They then went on to explain that the emails were written while in a meeting from a blackberry, and that was why they were so short. I should have appreciated the quick response when the alternative was no response at all. All I was hoping for was an answer to my question given in a professional manner. As long as I got it sometime that day, I would have been happy.

In the end we did get the mulch from Just Perfect Mulch. The shipment arrived two days later than I expected. It arrived in a large reinforced nylon sack that was strapped to a pallet. It was a little hard to manage, but with the help of my mom and little sister, we got it down and spread out in about an hour (Thanks mom and sis!). So far we are very happy with the mulch. It looks nice and is quite soft, which is what we were hoping for since our kids end up on their faces more often than on their feet when they’re playing outside.

This is what 2000 pounds of rubber mulch looks like:

Unfortunately due to the weather the kids haven’t been out on it yet. Once we get them out there I’ll have more pictures and video to share. Until then, here’s a pic of the finished product:

Note the playhouse in the background. We got that from our very generous neighbors whose daughters had outgrown it. We are very thankful to have such wonderful family, friends and neighbors who have given us so much to help with the kids. Thank you all very much.
On another note, we have not had any success yet with the potty. They are all very interested in it and know that they should sit on it (and want to regularly). But don’t know what to do while sitting on it. We’re being very casual about this for now. I think we need to have that one successful try to get them to realize what they’re supposed to be doing there, then we should be good. I’ll keep you posted.