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Current Phases

The kids are going through some interesting phases right now. J is pretty typical, I think, she’s repeating everything she hears. This is funny and frustrating at the same time, because no matter how hard we try, those words or phrases we don’t want them to repeat slip out when the kids are around. It’s funny because of the way she says them. I’ll try to get some video and get it posted soon.

K is going through a very picky, “Type A” stage right now. If things aren’t exactly the way he wants them, he breaks down and throws a tantrum. The other day he flipped out when someone gave him the green sippy cup instead of the yellow one. And yesterday he freaked when he was given a cracker in pieces instead of whole. It’s little things really, but annoying nonetheless.

E’s current phase is a bit more frustrating and confusing. Every so often she will keep her food in her mouth and not swallow it. She kept a Teddy Graham in her mouth for 45 minutes on the way home from Myrtle Beach. She doesn’t do this with every food, and she does eat some of the food that she eventually decides to keep, usually. After so long, we have to go in and remove the liquified food from her mouth, and then she will usually continue eating, but not that particular food. At one time we thought it might have been a sore throat, but there was no cough, and then she started eating Kix one day, dry. That stuff is pretty rough and she was eating it no problem, so I decided that it wasn’t a sore throat. There is no rhymre or reason that I can figure out as to why she is doing this. It doesn’t seem to be a sensory thing becuase she is “saving” all different kinds (textures) of foods, from bread to mac ‘n cheese to lasagna to teddy grahams and crackers. I think it’s just a phase that we’ll have to get through. The good news is that she hasn’t done it yet today and we’ve gotten through breakfast, snack and lunch. It should be interesting to see if it happens at dinner.

Chuck WJuly 30, 2009 - 2:25 pm

Our singleton (2 1/2 yo) keeps things in her mouth all the time, too. She currently receives speech therapy and the therapist says that it is primarily related to weak muscles in her mouth/jaw. The speech therapist does various exercises with her to strengthen those muscles. Nothing like taking out half-eaten food right before bedtime. YUM!!!