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The Beach: Part Two

On Monday we took the kids out to the beach and were able to take them out into the water, but they still did not like the sand at all. E and J would scream and cry any time their feet hit the sand. K was still ambivolent to the whole experience. He had a very serious look on his face the whole time. We couldn’t really tell if he liked it or hated it. He was just neutral. Once they went into the water they were much better. Grandpa and I took turns taking them out into the waves. J especially liked being in the water, she would giggle and smile each time we went up and down with the waves, she had a blast and didn’t want to go in. K also gave me a few giggles as we went up and down. E also enjoyed the water, but I think mostly because it washed the sand off of her feet.

On Tuesday I woke up with some allergy/sinus issues, so I took some benadryl and don’t really remember much after that. At some point I was roused from my benadryl induced sleep by the sound of my daughter, E, whining loudly. The only problem was she wasn’t in the condo. I had left the balcony door open and found that she was in the pool below and was not happy with the way Mommy was holding her at that moment. I could hear her whine four stories up!!

On Wednesday we took the kids out to the beach again. Our second venture out onto the sand was much better than the first. We laid down towels and placed the kids on them, then handed out some shovels and buckets. After some instruction, the kids were digging and throwing sand all over the place. They were still a little freaked out when they got sand on themselves, but that didn’t last long. Before we knew it, they were running through the sand and towards the water. Lucky for us we had Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle George with us to help keep track of the kiddos. K and I even found a hole that someone had dug just at the edge of the water to play in. A few minutes later the girls decided to join us. All three kids had a great time splashing in the water and digging in the sand.

Thursday we took the kids back to Broadway at the Beach and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. K loved looking around and dancing to the music in his seat. All three seemed to love the atmosphere in there, it was a good pick for lunch. After we ate, we went to the Aquarium. We were encroaching on the kids nap time, so we broke out the strollers for the first time this vacation. Good thing we did, too, because K fell asleep after about a half an hour. His little head kept swinging left and right, then down in front of him. I felt so bad that I picked him up and just held him. He put his head down on my shoulder and was fast asleep. We figured that was a pretty good sign that it was time to go back to the condo for naps.

Unfortunately on Friday it started raining around nap time so we didn’t get out to the beach like we had planned. But we did have a relaxing afternoon in the condo with the kids. We watched a few Elmo videos, had some pizza, and read books. It was a nice, calm way to end our week at the beach.