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Monthly Archives: August 2009


This past weekend we were invited to a picnic by some good friends of ours. They had plenty of toys for the kids to play with, but best of all, they had cars.

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Big Kids at the Big Table

We’ve graduated from high chairs to booster seats. That’s right, the triplets are now sitting at the table with the help of some booster seats. After a lot of research, we decided on the Prince Lionheart Boosterpod. After installation and our first use, I have to say I’m really impressed with them. Installation was easy. […]

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In The Beginning: Part Three

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. If you missed the first two, I’m just looking back at how things went through Gretchen’s Pregnancy with the kids and what life was like for us when the triplets first arrived. You can see Part 1 by clicking here, and part 2 by clicking […]

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Our Trip To The Zoo

Looking back, last week was really busy, lots of fun, and a bit exhausting. Tuesday we went to visit Gretchen’s Cousins, Wednesday Grandma and Aunt Katie came to visit us, Thursday our friend Erica brought her two kids over for a pool party, and Friday we met up with Grandpa and Uncle George for a […]

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Visiting Family

Last week we had the opportunity to visit with some of Gretchen’s cousins (and E’s Godmother). The kids were pretty shy at first, especially E who folded herself in half at the table so that no one could see her. After dinner, though, the kids warmed up when the bubbles and sidewalk chalk were brought […]

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