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Our Trip To The Zoo

Looking back, last week was really busy, lots of fun, and a bit exhausting. Tuesday we went to visit Gretchen’s Cousins, Wednesday Grandma and Aunt Katie came to visit us, Thursday our friend Erica brought her two kids over for a pool party, and Friday we met up with Grandpa and Uncle George for a trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We decided to get to the zoo early and try to beat the heat. We got there shortly after the gates opened, and headed straight for Monkey Island. The kids seemed interested, but the monkeys weren’t very active, so we moved on to the Giraffes.

All three kids were quite interested in the giraffes, and it appeared that the little giraffe was interested in us as well.

The little one was also interested in food.

After the giraffes, we went in to see the Butterflies. One bright blue butterfly apparently did not like getting it’s picture taken, and was fluttering by me at regular intervals. I was only successful in getting one picture of it, but it was very, very blurry. But, I did capture a few others.

After we were done chasing butterflies around, we came back out and found that Slider (The Cleveland Indian’s Mascot) had brought his kids to the zoo and was feeding the giraffes. So, we got more pictures of giraffes.

It was quite hot out that day, and this little deer found some shade.

K decided that it was time to rest, and found a spot on the fence.

E thought resting was a good idea.
The bear was sniffing out something good. I told J the bear wanted to have her for lunch, she just waved at him.

The polar bear had just taken a swim before we got there, and was scratching his back on the wall.

K really liked the bear.

J was fading fast.

E was done with the zoo.
Really done.

A little bribery goes a long way. Unfortunately, the Icee didn’t go far enough. E was still done with the zoo. I think it was just too hot for her.

Hopefully we’ll return to the zoo again later, maybe when the weather gets just a bit cooler.