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Visiting Family

Last week we had the opportunity to visit with some of Gretchen’s cousins (and E’s Godmother). The kids were pretty shy at first, especially E who folded herself in half at the table so that no one could see her. After dinner, though, the kids warmed up when the bubbles and sidewalk chalk were brought out. The bubbles were an especially big hit.

Once the kids got bored with the bubbles and chalk, we moved to the back yard to let the kids run around a bit. They really liked playing with the balls, and E showed off her kicking skills – she’s going to be a soccer star!! (Sorry, I didn’t get a good picture of her kicking the ball)

E really enjoyed petting Molly, who was also very excited to see the kids. She had to be held down so that she wouldn’t tackle the kids!! Of course there was no malicious intent, but she might have loved the kids to death if she was let free!