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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Breakfast with the Triplets – 2010

As promised, here is the new video of a typical morning with Juli, Elisha and KJ. Once again, I’ve sped up the video to make it bearable for the rest of you. This is just under an hour real time, condensed into less than ten minutes of video. Enjoy.

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Looking Back

About a year ago I posted a video of our triplets eating breakfast. After viewing the video again this morning, it occurred to me just how much has changed in a year. The first thing I noticed, besides how much the kids have grown, is that we had to move Elisha’s crib away from the […]

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KJ Drawing

Recently we’ve noticed KJ has been taking breaks from the blocks and cars to sit by himself and draw or play with his Elmo Laptop. I caught just such an occasion on video a couple of days ago.

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Juli and the Apple Peels

Juli is quickly earning the title of anti-toddler. Why? Well, she likes only the crust from her sandwiches and eats only the peels from her apples. This is especially helpful when KJ or Elisha won’t eat the crust or peels!!

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