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Great Customer Service

Last November I had the honor of being a groomsman in the wedding of one of my college friends/after-college roommate/drinking buddy. The wedding was wonderful. We had beautiful weather (for November in Ohio), there was lots of dancing, drinking, and all of the general hoopla that goes along with a wedding. A good time was had by all.

We rented our tux’s from Men’s Warehouse. They all fit great, we got all of the pieces and parts we were supposed to, and the people there were nice enough to us. I don’t think anyone had any complaints. The point of this story starts after the wedding.
The booze was flowing pretty freely that night, and there was also a small after-party. So when I got home and took off the tux, I failed to notice that I had left my sunglasses and a compact flash card in the jacket pocket. I also failed to notice this fact the next day when I took the tux back. And the gentleman who checked in the tux also failed to notice the items left in the pocket.
About a week later, when the sun came back out, I noticed that my glasses were missing. My $100 Maui Jim sunglasses. I was not happy. I stopped back at the store where I dropped off the tux and asked if there was any chance of getting my glasses back. The salesman basically told me that the tux had already been shipped back to the processing center and I was S.O.L.
Back at home, later that night, I decided to check out their website and maybe email customer service to see if anyone there could help me out. So, at around five o’clock on a Sunday, I found this page and sent them a message asking if there was any chance of getting my sunglasses back.
I never expected to hear from them.
Five minutes later, after five o’clock on a Sunday, my phone rang. It was a customer service representative from Men’s Warehouse calling about my inquiry. She told me that I should contact their property returns department and gave me their phone number. She also let me know that they would not be in at that time, but that I could leave a message for them and they would most likely get back to me on Monday. I followed her directions, called, left the message, and wouldn’t ya know it, they called me back on Monday morning. I gave them the necessary information, they told me that if they located the items they would ship them back to me via UPS.
Two days later the UPS truck stops in front of my house and a bag is left on my steps. My glasses and memory card were inside and undamaged.
Kudos to you, Men’s Warehouse. I really did not expect to get my items back. But you came through. My only suggestion is to better inform your sales staff of your property returns department. The gentleman at your store that I first spoke to about my glasses obviously had no idea that the department even existed.
TempestBeautyFebruary 8, 2010 - 6:38 pm

Wow. Well done, Men’s Warehouse. I love that you blogged about this – all too often, we only share the stories of things gone bad. People need to know the good, too!