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With the Development of Language…

Juli, Elisha, and KJ seem to be right on track with their development. At times one may appear to be behind in one area or another, but before we know it, they seem to catch up with little or no intervention from the adults. Language is no exception. For a while it seemed that KJ was lagging behind in his communication skills. Until yesterday, that is.

The kids were upstairs playing with their kitchen set while mommy and I were getting each other caught up on the events of our perspective days. We heard some small sounds of plastic toys rolling and bouncing down the stairs, then some footsteps, and then KJ appeared in the kitchen doorway and announced that “Esha trowin toiees.” That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we had our first tattle.
Then this morning, as I was getting KJ dressed, I had to tell Juli not to do something – what exactly escapes me at this moment, but it was something she should not have been doing. When I was done telling Juli that she needed to stop, KJ looked me right in the eyes and said, “nana timout“, otherwise known as “Julianna needs to go to timeout.”
So, in conclusion, KJ is not lagging behind at all when it comes to language or communication. In fact, I think he may have just leapfrogged his sisters.