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Nap Time Stinks

Nap time around here stinks – literally. The last couple of months the kids, the girls especially, seem to have been storing up their poop until nap time. Without fail, every day, about five to ten minutes after I put them down in their cribs, I hear a chorus of “stinky, stinky” over the monitor. I go up, and one of them has a diaper full. Ten minutes later, the same thing from the other one. Sometimes it even seems like the rascals will pinch it off halfway through so that they can get their diaper changed, then ten minutes later pull me away from what I’m doing – usually laundry – to clean their butt a second time!

This isn’t just limited to nap time, they do the same thing at bed time, too! The worst part about it all. If I put them on the potty before nap time, I get nothing! Nothing! but ten minutes after I put them in their cribs, you guessed it, “Stinky, stinky, stinky…” until I get my butt up there to clean theirs! Part of me wants to just leave them with the mess in their diapers, but no one wants to deal with that diaper rash, no one.

I can’t wait until they’re out of this phase. Unfortunately that probably won’t be until they’re done with naps!

JenMarch 17, 2010 - 1:11 pm

I can SO relate to this. My kids do that too. Its a conspiracy against naps. We must stop it. There WILL be nap time!