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I often call Elisha “mommy’s little clone” because she looks almost exactly like Gretchen did at that age, and their personalities are sooooo similar. It’s really scary sometimes. The other day, KJ and Juli were fighting with one another over something (I don’t remember what now) and they both started to scream and cry. I had had enough by this point and started to yell at them to quit whatever it was they were doing and head to timeout. The crying continued, so my yelling continued. At this point, Elisha slowly walked up to me with her head down and quietly said, “calm down dada, calm down.” I melted, took her in my arms and gave her a great big hug. She was being the peacemaker. A trait she most definitely got from her mother.

TempestBeautyMarch 24, 2010 - 12:43 pm

I meant to comment on this the other day, but I haven’t found a moment. This is so touching, it brought a tear to my eye. Sweet Elisha, you’ll see this trait in her for years to come. What a treasure.