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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Another Looking Back Post

Found another picture that reminded me of something the kids did that I had forgotten already. This is how KJ would position his hands for every bottle for several months. Not sure why he did it, maybe it made him more comfortable. Whatever it was, we found it pretty darn cute.

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Looking Back

Once again, I was looking through some old photos of the kids and found this one. It makes me giggle every time I see it. He really looks like he’s watching TV here, but if I remember right, the TV was off.

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Safety Tips

Having three kids at the same stage in development changes the way a parent thinks. Since they work together they seem to be able to get into trouble much quicker than a single child at their stage would. Because of this, Gretchen and I have developed the ability to walk into a room and scan […]

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Elisha’s Story Time

Quite some time ago I captured this video of Elisha reading to herself. This was just before her second birthday, so around eight months ago. She has the book upside down and you can just barely make out most of what she’s saying. The other day I captured this video of Elisha reading to herself. […]

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Traveling With Triplets

Traveling with the triplets has always been a challenge. When the kids were first born, we had an SUV and a pickup truck. We could fit three car seats across the back seat of the SUV, barely, but not the pickup, even though it was a quad-cab (had four doors and a full back seat). […]

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