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Last weekend we brought out the kids’ new toy, a bubble machine. Okay, so it’s really more of a toy for mom and dad. Okay, so it’s really a way to let the kids play with bubbles without all of the mess that generally comes with letting kids play with bubbles. Anyways, it made for some good pictures.

Elisha was not very fond of the bubbles
KJ and Juli wanted to figure out how it worked.
Juli kept trying to “scoop” the bubbles into her shovel.
KJ finally decided to try to catch some bubbles.
Done with the bubbles, KJ and Elisha moved onto the swings.
KJ peeking out of the playhouse, looking like 
he was doing something he should not have been doing.
Juli being Juli.
I found that the light in this corner of the yard was 
perfect for pictures. The photographer in me came out and I 
made each of the kids stand in the light until I got the picture I wanted.
Juli was the most difficult to convince to stand still and look at the camera.
JenMay 26, 2010 - 12:39 pm

Bubbles are just awesome!

TempestBeautyMay 26, 2010 - 1:06 pm

Gorgeous pictures!!! As usual :). I love Julie’s little-tongue grin!