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Being Nice And Polite Will Help You Rise Above

My parents, brother and sister have been vacationing in North Myrtle Beach for close to or more than a decade now. Each year, my sister watches as people para-sail above the ocean and has really wanted to try it. No one would go with her, and she didn’t want to do it alone.

Since we finally joined them for their vacation this year, she finally had someone to go with her. I’ve always wanted to para-sail, too, but Gretch would never go with me.

I made our appointment for Thursday at two o’clock in the afternoon. I figured the triplets would be napping by then so we could sneak off and not worry about leaving Gretch or my parents alone with the kids. Around one o’clock Thursday I got a call from the people who run the para-sail and they told me they were running behind. They would gladly let us reschedule for another day or we could just wait it out on the beach outside of their office. We opted to wait it out.

When we got to the office, there was an older couple there and the man was yelling at the lady behind the desk. He was irate about the delay and was demanding to be allowed to go para-sailing immediately. He was really grumpy and mean, and his wife, tho she didn’t say much, wasn’t much nicer. I felt bad for the lady behind the desk, because there was obviously nothing she could do about the delay.

My sister and I quietly waited until one of the ladies behind the desk finished up with some other people who were there before us, and when it was our turn we took our papers and filled out the releases and other paperwork. They reminded us about the delay, and we told them not to worry about it. We would wait until they could take us. My sister had been waiting ten years, what was another hour, right? Besides, we were on vacation, on a beach, and the sun was out. It was a beautiful day. Why not wait?

Well, the ladies running the place took notice of how laid back and polite we were about the whole thing, and snuck us onto the next boat out, before the grumpy people that were there before us, and probably had an appointment before ours. We only waited about 15 minutes before getting on the boat, and it was probably another 30 before we were up in the air. It was such a peaceful ride. Well worth the cost. It was something I’ll always remember. I’ve never done anything like that before.

And the best part, as we were up there, a storm started to develop to our south, so the guys on the boat pulled the parachute down after we got back on the boat. They were done for the day. So Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy never got to have their adventure!

Daddy FilesJune 25, 2010 - 12:08 pm

I did this down in the Florida Keys when I was younger. Great stuff. Did they dunk you in the water?

KevinJune 25, 2010 - 12:17 pm

They did dunk us in the water. It was a great time. Really glad we did it.

Running5k2dayJuly 7, 2010 - 2:55 pm

Wow! That was some amazing ride. I’ve never done it before as I am totally terrified, but it looks fun.
I am glad that your patience and manners paid off. Rude people never learn. I am glad that they didn’t get to ride–heeheehee.