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Myrtle Beach 2010: Pictures

Our second day in Myrtle Beach we took the kids out to the pool. The condo we stayed in had a nice, one foot deep wading pool for the kids. Perfect for our little ones.
KJ jumped right in.
Juli had to test the waters a bit.
We took a slightly more aggressive approach with Elisha.
KJ took note of our aggressive approach with Elisha and applied it to Juli
Juli then got him back by baptizing him.
Now that that’s out of the way, we can just have fun now.
Not our dolls.
Very happy Juli with a topless mermaid. Not ours.
Elisha is now comfortable enough to sit in the water. Or she had to pee. Not sure which (we did have swim diapers on them).
All smiles. Probably gas. I’m glad he was standing up.
She’s not doing what you might think here. Not sure what she was doing, but it wasn’t that.
Elisha even made a friend.
Not our dolphin.
Not our torpedo. We need to get our kids some pool toys.
Elisha really liked the lazy river ride.
I mean she Really liked the lazy river ride