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Myrtle Beach 2010: Pictures

Now that I’ve had enough time to edit all 1500 pictures from the vacation, I can finally start to post them.

The first day we just took a leisurely walk along the beach to get the kids used to the sand and water. This year was a much different experience compared to last year, when they did not like the sand on their feet at all. This year they went right out into it, no problem. Elisha was a little tentative at first, but she’s been like that with everything lately. She needs to take in the whole situation and make sure it’s okay before she can relax and enjoy it.

First steps in the ocean this year.

Throwing sand is fun.
Elisha’s not so sure, but coming around.
Juli found a shell. “What’s this, Grandma?”
“Look, Dada, sand!”
The whole gang (minus me, always behind the camera).
“Waves are fun!”
Elisha’s still not so sure.
“Look, I found a seashell!” There’s an Elisha smile!!
“Look, Mama, bubbles!”
Running5k2dayJuly 7, 2010 - 2:49 pm

It is sorta scary for kids being introduced to the ocean and its waves. They feel like they are loosing their balance, might get dizzy and ewww! the sand! LoL–how quickly they learn to love it.

Fav Pic-Throwing sand is fun. Love the colors.