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Triplets on Vacation: Part Two

The second day of our trip to North Myrtle Beach did not go so smoothly. We started out okay, I went for coffee and donuts, and got them, and got them back to the hotel. When I got there Gretch informed me that KJ was saying “itchy diaper” over and over again. Something was definitely bothering him. So I hung out with the girls while Gretch gave him a bath. The bath seemed to relieve some of the discomfort, but not all. The good thing was by the time we got on the road, he was fine. We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast, which was not such a big hit, and then hit the road for the four hours to our destination that took more like 6 hours. Not bad time, but the kids were super-cranky. There was so much crying and screaming that I did, in fact, pull the van over!!

After everyone calmed down and got settled, we got back on the road. A few hours later we were at the condo and unloading our luggage. The first evening we went to a local cafeteria for supper. After that we went back to the condo to get the kids ready for bed. I think we were more ready for a good night’s sleep than they were!

On Sunday, we took the triplets down to the pool. There is a nice, one foot deep kiddie pool for them to wade around in. Juli, who had a great time in the hotel pool a couple of days before, was just fine, as was KJ. Elisha was a little timid at first, but got more comfortable after a while and was excitedly exclaiming “I’m swimmin!!” to everyone within earshot!

After dnner we took the kids down to the beach for a walk. Again, KJ and Juli were just fine and excited about the sand and water. Elisha was little miss timid. She needed to take everything in before she could be comfortable. Once we got her looking for seashells, she was just fine. KJ was picking up handfuls of sand and watching them drop. Juli liked having the waves wash over her feet. Everyone eventually had a good time. And then KJ proclaimed that he was done. So, we turned around and walked back. On the way back KJ started to notice the holes in the beach that would bubble after the waves receded. He was very interested in the bubbles and made us stop to watch them each time he noticed one!

On Monday Gretch and I were instructed to leave the kids behind with my parents and go enjoy a day by ourselves, so we went to get lunch at the House of Blues, walked around Barefoot Landing for a while, and then made the obligatory stops at Target and Costco. Doesn’t everyone stop there while on vacation?

Monday afternoon we took the kids back down to the beach and let them play in the sand and wade in the water. I even took each of them, one at a time, into the water with me so they could really get a feel for the waves and the ocean. KJ’s squeals were the loudest, but I think Juli had the most fun. Elisha liked the water, but was done with it after a few waves.

Tuesday we went down to Broadway at the Beach for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Everyone had a good time, my Dad even recognized some of the artists they had playing on the big screens. My allergies started to bother me a bit – okay, a lot – so I took some benadryl and took a nap when we got back to the condo. Later that evening, Gretch and my family took the kids to a little carnival with kiddie rides that was just across the street from our building. The kids had a blast, riding at least five rides and sharing some ice cream. They didn’t get back to the condo until around nine o’clock (they’re usually in bed by eight) and didn’t go to bed until ten. And the best part, they didn’t wake up until almost nine o’clock!!