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Cleveland Indians Social Media Deck

Yesterday Gretchen and I were invited to watch the Cleveland Indians play the Tampa Bay Rays at Progressive Field from their new Social Media Deck. The deck is a group of ten seats that sits just above the left field wall, right next to the home run porch. The seats are comfortable, the area is spacious, there are electrical outlets to charge your laptop or phone, and a nice flatscreen TV to watch the broadcast of the game (nice for watching replays). Oh, and there’s free wifi, too.

One of the groups sitting with us in the deck yesterday was a couple of guys who work for COED Magazine. These guys were going to 30 Stadiums to see 30 games in 30 days. After the game at Progressive Field they were off to Miller Park in Milwaukee, not a short drive by any stretch. If you want to follow their journey in real time, check out their twitter feed, or you can find them on facebook.

I did not take my good camera with me, but I did snap some shots with the new iPhone.

Gretch and I in our seats on the Social Media Deck.
Mustard came to visit us on the Deck.
I made Gretchen pose by the Progressive IRV.
We got to walk down onto the field after the game.

The guys from COED Magazine.