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Changes in Sleeping Arrangements: Update

The first nap with the new sleeping arrangements went pretty well. KJ fell right to sleep, no fussing or whining. The girls were still pretty chatty despite being in separate rooms, but they were quiet, so I didn’t bother going up to quiet them down. As long as they weren’t bothering KJ, I was okay with it.

The second night was a huge improvement from the first night. There was very little fussing. I think Gretch only had to go up to check on them once. There was no crying or screaming. I think they’re adjusting pretty well.

Yesterday I took the kids to my parents to spend the night so that Gretch and I could actually go out on a date and I could get caught up on some household things. It’s been so difficult to get anything done lately, but I’m not going to get into details now, that’s a whole different post.

Hopefully when the kids get back tonight they are still okay with the new sleeping arrangements.