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The Gopher

At some point last week I remembered something that KJ used to do when the triplets were about one and a half or two years old, a little while after they were able to walk reliably on their own. I remember at times they would each pick out some toys to play with and sit by themselves and play for short periods of time. During this time, I noticed several times, that KJ would abruptly stop what he was doing, his head would shoot up as if out of a gopher hole, and he would scan his surroundings. Once he spotted his sisters, it appeared as if he was evaluating what they were playing with and deciding if he wanted those toys or not. Once he made his decision he would either go back to playing with what he had, or rush over to either Juli or Elisha and take whatever they had. Of course, the screaming and crying would ensue shortly after he stole the toys from them. But it was a fun process to watch up until that point.