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Triplets at Cleveland Indians Family Fun Day

Yesterday we had the privilege of watching the Cleveland Indians play the Kansas City Royals from the Social Media Deck at Progressive Field, as a family. That’s right, the triplets went to a baseball game. It wasn’t their first, but it was still memorable and lots of fun. A big thank you goes out to my Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law for coming along and helping to keep the kids entertained. I also need to thank Rob Campbell for setting us up with the awesome accommodations. We all had a really good time.

Of course I took the camera along to snap a few pictures.
KJ Playing T-Ball before the game

Elisha playing T-Ball before the game

Juli playing T-Ball her own way before the game

She got the hang of it with mommy’s help.

Time to eat.
Ketchup and Mustard stopped by for a visit.
KJ really liked the nacho cheese.
Not so much the nachos, just the cheese.
Juli really liked the flavor ice.
Elisha gave it a try.
The kids tried on some new hats.
Juli got mommy’s hat.