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Head Wounds Bleed A Lot

This morning started out just like any other. I woke up, showered, had some breakfast, checked email, facebook and twitter, then headed upstairs to wake the kids up. Due to a nagging shoulder injury I’ve been changing the kids on the floor instead of the changing table. I changed and dressed KJ and Elisha without incident. Then Juli came over and started to lay down, and before I could catch her, BAM, her head smacked right into the corner of the dresser. I quickly picked her up and hugged her and started to feel around her head for a bump that I knew was forming. Then I felt something warm and sticky.

I realized immediately that she had cut her head and she was bleeding, but I didn’t realize just how much head wounds bleed. By the time I had stopped the bleeding the area looked like a ER. I had more blood on me than I thought was possible, Juli’s hair was coated in blood, I had several rags covered in blood on the floor, blood had dripped on the floor, there was literally blood everywhere. I had to give Juli a bath to get it out of her hair, I needed to change clothes and had to clean the carpet. All from a little cut on her head, no more than a few millimeters long.

Not exactly how I wanted to start our morning.