» Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad of Triplets

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Juli The Antagonist

It’s a well known fact that siblings fight, argue, and compete with one another all the time. Usually the bigger or older sibling wins out. Occasionally the younger or physically smaller sibling finds a way to get back at the other. Our Juli, while the oldest of the triplets, is physically the smallest. KJ and Elisha often push her around because they know they can. I punish them when I see it, but if I don’t see who started the fight, it goes unpunished.

Recently, Juli has found a way to get under KJ’s skin that brings him to tears. She tells him he’s wrong when he knows he’s right. For example, when KJ says it’s morning, Juli will tell him that it’s night. When KJ says it’s hot, Juli will tell him that it’s cold. KJ knows he’s right, but Juli is so insistent that it becomes a “is too”, “is not”, “is too”, “is not” argument until KJ starts crying. Juli knows that what she’s saying is wrong, and she knows it’s going to get a reaction out of KJ if she keeps it up, and she has a huge grin on her face the whole time. Of course, we put a stop to the argument as soon as we notice it simply by telling Juli that KJ is right. She then happily goes about her business and finds something else to occupy herself with.