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The Triplets Keep Us Busy

I know I haven’t posted anything of any substance here in a while, and I’m sorry. It’s been a little crazy around here. The trips turned three over the weekend, and we had a party last weekend for them. It was a great party with lots of family and friends. The weather held out for us until it was time for the kids to open their presents, which was okay with me because I’d rather have them open presents in the house anyways. The only problem was fitting forty people into our already crowded house. Somehow we managed it. I think there were some people sitting on top of one another, but nobody complained (too much).

Right now Juli is a little chatterbox. She is rambling on about one thing or another almost every waking minute. It’s very cute for the first five minutes of the day, but gets very tiresome after that. She is still her polite little self, saying please and thank you at the appropriate times without prompting. It just melts your heart when she says it. She likes to snuggle in her bed with three blankets right now. I think she would take more if we made them available. She has adjusted to being in her own room pretty well, but still isn’t really napping. She definitely still needs a nap, but doesn’t want to do it. Juli is really into TinkerBell at the moment. She loves the movie and has the doll. That’s the only movie that she’ll sit through for any length of time. She’s up after 15 minutes with anything  else.

Elisha is pretty quiet and reserved right now, but when she does talk, she does it with gusto. She has two volume levels, mute or all the way up. There really is no in between with her. Like Juli, she does not want to nap, but needs to. Her speech has become very clear at times. Previous to the last week, she would say her name was “Eesha” or something similar. Within the last week, it has become a very clear “Elisha”. Elisha has the most stuffed animals in her bed, and I think she plays with them during nap time. She is still very much into Toy Story, especially Jessie, her favorite character.

KJ is really outspoken and opinionated lately. He likes specific things a specific way, and lets you know if something is not right. Everything has to be done a certain way, or he is an unhappy little guy. The girls have picked up on this and have figured out how to push his buttons. This makes for lots of screaming during play time. He really likes his Thomas & Friends trains. They got a train table for their birthday, and he plays with it every day. He gets very upset if a piece of track falls out of place, or if one of the girls gets in his way while he’s playing with it. He also loves the Thomas movies, and will sit through almost an entire DVD.

Juli, Elisha and KJ are all growing so fast. It’s so hard for me to believe that they started out as those three little babies in the NICU. We’re really starting to see their personalities come out. It’s fun to watch them grow and explore and interact. It amazes me how different their personalities are, yet how alike they are at the same time.