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Where’s TinkerBell?

Since Halloween Elisha and Juli have become obsessed with anything that represents the characters that they dressed up as. With Elisha, it’s anything Jessie from Toy Story. She has Jessie dolls, Jessie window clings, Jessie coloring pages. It’s all about Jessie. With Juli it’s Tinkerbell. We have Tinkerbell sheets, pillowcases, blankets, we watch the Tinkerbell movies over and over and over and over…

Recently tho, the girls have started to take the respective dolls to bed with them. I was not too comfortable with this, since the dolls are not the usual soft and cuddly stuffed animals, they’re plastic and have some rigid and pointy parts like the hands and feet. I decided to give in and let them continue to take the dolls to bed.

I’m regretting that decision. Elisha is fine with hers. Completely fine. She falls asleep and stays asleep no matter where her Jessie doll ends up. Juli on the other hand, is waking up no less than three times a night whining “Where’s Tinkerbell? Where’s Tinkerbell?” So Gretch or I have to run upstairs, go through KJ and Elisha’s room to get to Juli’s room and bumble around in the dark and find this little fairy hidden somewhere in the three blankets, one pillow, two stuffed animals and one very wiggly three year old that are in Juli’s crib. No less than three times a night.

I’m really thinking that I need to put a stop to this.

I’m really glad that KJ is not this obsessed with Thomas the Train!