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Elisha and Jessie

Elisha has a pretty strong affinity for the character Jessie from Toy Story. She has Jessie bedsheets, a Jessie hat or two, and a few Jessie Dolls. She’s only slightly obsessed. She even dressed up as Jessie for Halloween last year.

When some friends of ours from Colorado dropped by for a visit unexpectedly, they brought with them a very special Jessie doll, it looks like the character from the movie, and has the pull string and all. I thought Elisha’s head was going to explode when she saw it. If she smiled any bigger she was going to swallow her own ears. It was at her side from the moment it was given to her until she went to bed, except for at the dinner table, we don’t let the kids have toys while we’re eating.

Thank you Todd and Rachel. You made a little girl’s day month.

Since I have that nice, new camera, I thought I’d snap a few pictures.