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Getting the Triplets Outside

Between everyone getting sick and Mother Nature trying to wash everything away, it’s been difficult to get the kids outside to play lately. They ask every day if we get to go outside to play – it’s usually the first thing out of KJ’s mouth.

Seriously, if it rains any more, I’m going to start building an ark. I haven’t even begun to work on the garden, mostly because I’d have to put on waders just to get back there. Our back yard is a pond. Fish could seriously live in it for most of the spring. Check out these pictures from last spring. I haven’t taken any of it this year, but it’s been just as bad.

Today we had a short break in the weather, so we not only went outside to play, but I took the camera out as well. Of course the kids had a blast. Elisha is still a little freaked out about bugs flying into her ear, so she has to have her hood up at all times. I’m not sure what she’s going to do when it’s warm enough to go without jackets. Should be fun!

KJ really wanted me to push him on the swing, but I was taking pictures,
so he decided he wasn’t going to look at the camera.

Close, but still not looking at the camera.
Look at those eyes!

She’s still got her hood up.

Still not looking at the camera.

Can you tell which girl is the clown?