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Juli and the Little Dolls

Every child gets attached to certain toys. For most it’s probably a stuffed animal, like Elisha and her puppy. For others, it might be a doll, or car, or tractor. For Juli, it’s the smallest dolls she can find.

Currently, Juli is very attached to tiny Ariel and Snow White dolls. These dolls cause daily headaches because they are very easy to lose, and Juli loses them all the time. Snow white was missing for several weeks until she turned up at my Mother-in-law’s house this weekend. She was here Sunday night, and Monday morning she was missing. She reappeared Monday afternoon, only to go missing again Tuesday morning. Thankfully Ariel is still around, or Juli would be heart-broken.
One other interesting tidbit, Juli prefers that they have no clothes on most of the time. Thank goodness the manufacturer painted on underwear. I just hope these things weren’t made in China with lead paint.