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KJ and Cars 2

Last night as the kids were watching a movie as we do almost every night before bed, I was surfing Facebook and Twitter on my phone and came across a post about a new Cars 2 trailer available through iTunes. I previewed it on my phone, then, when the kids movie was over, I tried to find it on the AppleTV. Oddly enough, I had some trouble finding it, so I went over to the search page and started to type out c-a-r-s-2.

Now, at this point, the kids have not seen nor heard of the fact that there is going to be a new Cars movie out next month. We have watched the first Cars movie 6,358,973,258 times, so I figured they’d be pretty excited to see the trailer.

As I’m typing out Cars 2 on the Apple TV, I get to “r” and KJ says, “We see new Cars movie?” My jaw dropped. The kid knows how to read “cars”. I mean, it’s not that big of a surprise given the number of times we’ve watched the movie, but still, he’s three and a half years old.

I’m still not sure if he was just guessing, or if he did in fact figure out there was a new Cars movie coming out. I mean, it’s possible that someone else told him about it at some point, but I’m sure he would have asked me about it before now. Either way, these kids never cease to amaze me.