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Potty Training Triplets

Last night I became a dad possessed. I was going to get one of these kids to do something on the potty if it killed me. I decided to focus on Elisha since she seems to have the most control. She will wait until we walk out of her bedroom at night to go so that she can call us back in to change her. We know she can hold it, and we know she can let it go. We just can’t get her to do it on the potty.

We’ve been promising them things for months if they go. We have pounds of m&m’s, we have little gift bags filled with little toys and do-dads individually wrapped for them to pick from. We have bags full of quarters for their piggy-banks. I’ve promised them extra time with their iPods if they go. Last night I even took Elisha’s puppy from her and told her she could have it back if she went pee in the potty. I got no response. They didn’t even want to sit on the thing.

Then I got really desperate. I told them I would take them for ice cream if they did something on the potty. All three immediately stripped and sat on their potties. Who knew?!?! Ice Cream!!

After sitting on the potty for about 20 minutes, Juli was the first to give up. I put her diaper back on, and two minutes later she wanted changed. Gretch made her change herself, which I thought was pretty funny. KJ was next to give up. Gretch put his diaper on and he went on his way.

Then it happened. Elisha peed!!! In the potty!! Of course, KJ immediately started crying because he wanted to go in the potty and get all of the really cool things Elisha was getting. She got everything we promised her. A toy from the goody bag, m&m’s, she got her puppy back, she even got to go with Mommy to get ice cream after dinner while KJ and Juli stayed behind with me. KJ was pretty upset and wanted to keep trying. Juli could care less.

It was a small victory, but at this point, I’ll take it.

Elisha spent the rest of the evening in big girl underwear (and stayed dry) and went to bed in a pull-up. We told her she wasn’t allowed to go in her pull-up, just like the underwear. So far, so good.