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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Static Hair

I was backing up some photos of the triplets and came across a bunch that I took at the playground a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about these. I love how the slides make the girls’ hair stand up, it cracks me up every time. Until they run over and shock me, then it’s […]

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Last night and the Cleveland Indians hosted a tweetup at Lincoln Park Pub in Tremont. There was a lot of food, drinks, prizes and good conversation.

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Elisha’s Tooth

Yesterday Elisha woke up and immediately started telling me that her tooth fell out and was gone. My first instinct was to completely freak out, but when I checked her mouth I found all of her teeth were still there. Whew! For as long as she’s had her right front tooth, it’s been slightly discolored […]

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Early last Friday morning Elisha awoke crying saying that there was something on her hands. After a long couple of days, we are finally sleeping through the night again. It took a mixture of reassurance and tough love to get her to the point where she would stay in bed by herself without crying out. […]

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