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Rough Night

Last night was a tough one. We think Elisha had a nightmare. She woke up around 3:30 calling for Mommy. Gretchen went up and was trying to reassure her that everything was okay. After about 10 or 15 minutes I went up to see what was taking so long (I didn’t know at this point that she had had a nightmare).

The nightmare had something to do with her hands from what we can tell. She kept telling us that there was something dripping on her hands or that her hands needed wiped off. She was shaking like a leaf and was wide awake. We finally brought her downstairs so that we could turn on a light and show her that her hands were okay. We even put “magic soap” (purell) on them to keep everything off of them.

Shortly after Gretch put her back to bed, she was up again. Then Gretch came up with the idea to put gloves on her hands to give her a tangible reminder that her hands were okay. Still no luck. She just wouldn’t calm down. Long story short, she ended up sleeping downstairs with Gretch. I know I was up for at least an hour, Gretch was probably up longer, and had to contend with a toddler curled up next to her half of the night.

As of right now she’s sleeping in our bed, hopefully comfortably, with gloves on.