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The Three Year Old and Reverse Psychology

If you’ve been following the blog or my facebook feed recently, you know that we have successfully potty trained Elisha. We used a variety of bribes, including candy, toys, money, and ice cream to get her to go on the potty. As time has gone on, and she has continued to use the potty without any major accidents, we’ve taken away some of the bribes. She now only gets one thing per successful attempt, and since she has emptied her bag of toys, she now either gets a quarter or some m&m’s.

Up until this morning, I’d been giving her five m&m’s each time she went on the potty. Today I decided that three was enough for each time. When she saw the three m&m’s I put in front of her, she looked at me and said she wanted more. I said something to the effect of that’s what she was getting. She then said “I have too many” to which I promptly replied “No, You don’t have enough.” As soon as the words escaped my mouth I knew that I had been the victim of reverse psychology from a three year old, and I reached into the bag of m&m’s and gave her two more.