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Triplet Photo Shoot

So, the other day when Elisha woke up with a little tooth issue, I wanted to take a picture of it. I wanted it to be good quality, so I brought out the DSLR and started to take a few pics. Of course, KJ and Juli saw that Elisha was getting her picture taken, and wanted in on the action, so it turned into an impromptu portrait session of the triplets, with our bathroom and my recliner as the backdrop!

Elisha did a pretty good job standing still and showing me her teeth. Not a great job, but a pretty good job.

KJ does a great job standing still and smiling. He loves getting his picture taken.

Juli… well, she never stands still. She’s also a bit of a¬†comedienne, so she likes to exaggerate what I tell her to do or make funny faces for the camera. I realized a few months ago that I have many more pictures of Juli than I do of KJ or Elisha, just because it’s really difficult to get a good picture of her where she has a nice smile and is looking at the camera.