» Life as a Stay-At-Home-Dad of Triplets

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Early last Friday morning Elisha awoke crying saying that there was something on her hands. After a long couple of days, we are finally sleeping through the night again.

It took a mixture of reassurance and tough love to get her to the point where she would stay in bed by herself without crying out. Friday evening Gretchen took the kids to her parents’ for the weekend. My mother-in-law assured Elisha at bed time that there were no monsters in her house or back at our house. Elisha seemed to be okay with this, but still slept with her gloves on.

Back at home Sunday night Elisha began crying again. After several trips to her room to give her hugs and let her know that there were no monsters, I got frustrated. I was getting the feeling that what she was doing was more of a stalling tactic than it was actual fear. It started out as fear on Friday, but now, it was a stalling tactic. How could I tell? On Friday she would grab onto us when we hugged her, and wouldn’t let go. I had to pry her off of me at one point. She’s not even grabbing onto us now.

So, after several trips up on Sunday night, I let her know that there were no monsters but that she wasn’t getting any more hugs. She needed to go to sleep and mommy and daddy would not be coming back up to her room. She seemed to be okay with that, and snuggled down into her bed.

She still sleeps with the gloves on, but we haven’t had to go back up to reassure her.

In other triplet news, KJ has been mimicking anything that the girls do that get them attention. So through all of this little drama with Elisha, he’s been telling us that there’s something on his hands and that he’s seeing shadows in their room. And when Elisha fell and got a bad scrape on her elbow, he kept telling us his elbow hurt and that he needed a band-aid. And this morning, when Elisha woke up saying that her tooth hurt, KJ immediately started saying his tooth hurt. I think he might want some attention.

Juli, on the other hand, seems oblivious to what is going on. She just keeps on doing her own thing regardless of what her siblings are doing.

On the potty training front, Elisha remains the lone trained triplet. She’s doing so well, that we started letting her go to bed without a pull-up last night. She’s been dry every morning since she “got it” and started using the potty.

KJ and Juli are showing minor interest in using the potty, but not enough to actually do anything. Hopefully we’ll get one of them to start using the potty soon.