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Sock Puppets

With the triplets’ birthday coming up, we’ve been looking at lots of toys, electronics and other gifts. It’s always fun to see what’s new and exciting, especially for a couple of techies like Gretchen and myself.

Even with all of the high-tech options out there, sometimes it’s the simplest things that get the biggest and best reactions. Such was the case with these cute little sock-puppets that my Aunt and Uncle got from American Greetings. They came in little cards that told the story behind each puppet. They are really cute and the kids have loved playing with them.
Juli’s puppet’s name is Footloose the Dancing Sock and she dances to the beat of the spin cycle at the laundry room sock hop. Elisha’s is Princess Slipperfoot, who got lost on her way home from the ball, but Prince Fuzzyboot rescued her and they lived happily ever after. Finally, KJ got Arrrgyle the Pirate Sock, who spends his days avoiding the footlocker and searching for booties to line his treasure chest.
Of course, no one is smiling in the pictures because I made them stop playing to take pictures. I’ll have to try to capture some video of the kids playing with them, it’s adorable.